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Dive in to historical cooking with 270+ authentic meat-free recipes!

Eating a vegetarian diet isn’t a new idea, but it’s hard to open an old cookbook to find decent veggie options! The Vintage Vegetarian is a curated collection of recipes that excludes all the scary stuff you’d expect to find in an older cookbook. No animal heads, no hooves, no gelatin!

Spread across ten sections, you’ll find the following types of recipes:
◆ Breakfasts
◆ Salads
◆ Soups
◆ Vegetable Dishes
◆ Sauces
◆ Spreads, Preserves, & Seasonings
◆ Baked Goods
◆ Cakes
◆ Sweets
◆ Beverages

Also included:
✓ A glossary of old-fashioned terms to help you navigate the recipes
✓ A measurement conversion chart

This book will fascinate the culinary historian and entertain vegetarian cooks who are keen to try something a little different!

As the recipes are presented in their original form (written as a paragraph, rather than lists of ingredients and steps), some cooking intuition is required to make the best of the recipes. Rest assured, they’