Houseplant Identification Journal


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Never forget what your leafy friends need to thrive! 

This handy book will replace all the plastic info tags that come with your houseplants. Keep all of the watering, light, propagation, and climate information neatly organised using several thoughtfully-designed templates.

Here’s how it works:
① Enter your plant’s basic data (name, scientific name, place of origin), care needs (water, light, humidity), and history (acquisition, repotting, propagation, issues).
② Draw or tape in images of the plant’s leaves, flowers/special features, and overall appearance.
③ Number the plant’s entry and record it in the houseplant inventory, along with its location in your house.
④ Keep track of any problems your plant experiences in the “Pests and Problems” pages. You can note what treatments, DIY solutions, or chemicals you use to keep your plants pest-free and happy.

This book makes a great gift for the enthusiastic plant lover in your life, or an awesome treat for yourself. 
If your plant collection is starting to get a little out of control, this is the tool you’ll need to stay on top of things!