Creative Passive Income (ePub)




The world needs creative people to survive. But creative people are burning out.

You’ve probably heard of “passive income” in entrepreneurial circles before. But sometimes it seems like every suggested income stream is technical, or requires huge financial investment to get started.

In Creative Passive Income, you’ll explore how the concept of “do the work upfront” projects can help people with creative skills – artists, photographers, writers, designers, and more – to start generating income without continually investing time.

This foundational guide to creating your own passive income ecosystem will give you the introduction and inspiration you need to start charting your own map of income streams. What would you do if you had the security of knowing that you had multiple incomes supporting you every month?

Creative Passive Income will give you insights into:

  • why “passive income” is a misnomer, but that isn’t a bad thing
  • how you can run a physical product business with automations
  • how digital products can serve just about any audience
  • how creative businesses have historically precedented models
  • ways you can set up your overall business
  • how to leverage sales funnels for your ecosystem

…and much more!

Author Rebecca Wilson shares this knowledge from personal experience after building a multi-faceted network of creative income streams that complemented her successful design business. With helpful anecdotes and examples, you’ll finish this book feeling prepared to start your own creative business journey.

Gain the time freedom you need to pursue what really matters with Creative Passive Income!